Taiwan Travel vs Thailand Travel

When I say I am from “Taiwan” in foreign country, a lot of people will think I am from “Thailand”, Thailand is a lot more popular then Taiwan in the world for travel destination, travel to Thailand is becoming a kind of fashion in Europe, I was in Sli Lanka last month, the taxi driver was driving for me for 10 days and he still can not distinguish Taiwan and Thailand, he keep introduce me to other people say “this guy is from Thailand”, I correct him for 100 times then finally I gave up.

I did travel to Thailand for 2 times in the past 5 years, it is a nice country, but compare to Taiwan I do think Taiwan is a lot better, what is the reason Thailand is so much more successful in the world for travel destination then Taiwan?

Yes! I’ve been mistaken to be from Thailand so many times!

I think Thailand gives people the image to be a cheap place to travel to. Also, it is known for it’s wild parties, which tend to attract lots of foreigners.

Taiwan is a good place to travel, but Thailand’s still my favorite one.

In Thailand you can have any kind of travel you want, Bangkok is a Metropolitan with many exquisite department store and ancient temple where you can experience Thai culture. 2 hours away from Bangkok and you will at the most famous place in Thailand called Pattaya. Also in the mid of April there will be a Songkran Festival which is the best carnival you can have in my opinion.

i think Taiwan is better than Thailand… you can travel throughout Taiwan by taking the HSR and the longest travel time is only 2 hrs, you can get from Taipei to Kaoshiung, everyone is very friendly here. if you get lost, there will definitely be someone here to help you out!

Lots of people travel around Thailand for the cheap food, accommodation, and aquatic activities, but the weather is hot and humid for all year, which may be difficult to tolerate for some travelers. I think that Taiwan travel is more recommended. Friendly residents, delicious street food, fantastic mountain views, and much more will all be experienced here!

No offense, but I still don’t get why everyone thinks that Taiwan is a better place for travel. Thailand offers every kind of travel you can have, not only the big city, they also have a luxurious culture which is well-known worldwide. There are many mountains, waterfall or even beach travel which cannot be found in Taiwan.

What you just mentioned, including big cities, luxurious culture, majestic mountains, waterfalls and even beautiful beaches, could also be found in Taiwan. However, weather in Taiwan is much better and more comfortable for travelers to enjoy a great vacation. Taiwan is highly recommended!

I know that Taiwan also has some mountain which is good, but it cannot be compared to many mountains in Thailand that gives you an incredible view. Not to mention about the beaches which is one of the most famous things in Thailand. Everyone loves there! I doubt that is there really a famous beach in Taiwan, never heard about it.

I’m going to Thailand next week. I’m Feel bad, tell me pls where I can buy analogues of Teraflu in Thailand?

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