Taipei ranks 14th in global destinations

Taipei ranks 14th in global destinations - Taipei Times

In the report released at the World Travel Market in London, Taipei ranked 14th among 100 cities based on the number of international arrivals last year, with a 1 percent increase in visitors, to 9.3 million arrivals, expected this year.
Taipei finished ninth among Asian cities in the rankings, behind Hong Kong (first overall); Bangkok (second); Singapore (fourth); Macau (fifth); Shenzhen, China (ninth); Kuala Lumpur (10th); Phuket, Thailand (11th); and Tokyo (13th)…


Hope that Taiwan could be the No.1 someday~ :disappointed_relieved:


Just like what I said before, Thailand is by far better than Taiwan. Even Phuket (11th) is ranked higher than Taiwan’s capital LMAO.

Disagree! What do you mean “BETTER”? Which part??

Didn’t you see that this ranking is based on a number of international visitors? It means that people come to Bangkok (or even Phuket) more than Taipei.
If Taiwan is a great country for traveling, people should come to Taiwan more than Thailand, right?

MORE dosen’t means BETTER :face_with_monocle: I agree that Bangkok is more famous. But if you have visited Taiwan before, you won’t have these kind of idea.

I believe I have said in some post before that I have visited Taiwan 2-3 times, and I still believe that Thai is a better place for traveling. I have been to Taipei and famous place like Jiufen, Taroko, Alishan, Sun Moon Lake, and Kaohsiung before. In overall, I think Thai is a better place for traveling.

If you still believe that Taiwan is a better place for traveling, name some good places and I will go to there someday.