Old Mountain Line in Sanyi, Taiwan

At 24th of June, our company Chairman Mr. Tai will lead a group to Old Mountain Line in Sanyi in person, enjoying the Centennial Railway Bicycle and continuous tunnels with us :point_right: reurl.cc/ex6GD7

As of August 2018, you can now ride a bike on a railway track in Sanyi. The duration of the entire journey will take about one and a half hours from Shengxing Station to Longteng Broken Bridge. You can choose normal bikes or the electric bikes to travel over the railway and enjoy the beautiful view of Longteng Broken Bridge.

On the other hand, when you walk through these 100 year old continuous tunnels of the Old Mountain Line, you can explore numerous old stories that you might not otherwise have known in your life. Also, this is one of the secret spots that Mr. Tai. discovered.

Welcome to have a special experience in Sanyi with us!

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Here is the details from Taiwan government, look nice~