HANA Kitchen - South African girl's tribal restaurant

The Laiji tribe, is surrounded by mountains in the middle of Taiwan. No matter which way one looks, the mountains are full of lush green trees and pleasant scenery. In such a natural mountain forest, the aroma of toasted bread wafts in the wind. I saw, Hanna, a South African girl, busy baking the bread at the lovely HANA Kitchen.

Hanna graduated from the University of Namibia in South Africa, after which she became an English teacher in Chiayi City. During a holiday, she visited the Laiji tribe and fell in love with beautiful people and met her husband. At that time Hanna couldn’t speak any Chinese, but she start to learn, whilst her husband began to learn English. In the end Hanna not only became a daughter in law of the Alishan Zou group, but also founded this handmade bread kitchen and restaurant.

Hanna insists on using ingredients that are not only natural but also local. She also made seasonal ingredients herself. Such as cherry wine, plum vinegar, lemon juice, and even coffee beans. We shall arrange this lovely meal for you, please don’t miss it!

這真的很棒,我在網路查詢了一下Hanna,下次有趣嘉義玩,真想嘗嘗她的手工麵包,Thank You~

I’m so glad to heard from you! :smile:

A very special restaurant!