About the MRT cards...

Where can I buy MRT cards and how much is it?

Is it cheaper to ride the MRT using cards?

Are there different kind of cards?

I bought the 1 day pass last week. Maybe you can ask MRT stuff.

FYI (found this on their website)

Available at:
(1) Information Counter in all Taipei Metro stations.
(2) Information Counter in all Kaohsiung Metro stations,except for concessionary tickets.
(3) Convenience stores:7-ELEVEN, FamilyMart, Hi-Life and OK mart
(4) EasyCard Service Center at Taipei Main Station.

Types of Second-Generation EasyCard
(1) Adult: Standard fare for the general public
(2) Student: For registered students only
(3) Concessionaire: Children eligible under relevant legislation to purchase children’s tickets, seniors aged over 65 and persons registered as disabled.

*When using cards other than an Adult EasyCard, please show appropriate ID. Persons using a Student EasyCard for bus services should carry their student ID card for inspection as required. If a valid student ID cannot be produced, the balance of the correct fare must be paid. Refusal to pay the balance and confirmation that the Student EasyCard was being used under false pretenses will lead to a fine of 50 times the fare or the confiscation of the Student EasyCard.
*Please refer to the announcements from the relevant Social Welfare agency regarding dates when Senior, Charity and Escort cards are issued and related regulations.
*For editions of EasyCard issued for special events and for commemorative cards, please refer to the terms and conditions attached to each card at time of purchase.

How to obtain Second-Generation EasyCard?
Card cost NT$100. It is sold outright without inclusion of any deposit or disposable value. Disposable value must be added to the card before use.

(2) When the disposable value is used up, value can be added to the card for continued use. The card can be returned for a refund of the balance of the disposable value.



Thanks for the info!!

Thanks for the info!

I look forward to give the metro a go!

recommend day pass will be cheaper,can also match airport line.