One of the stylish hostel in Chiayi - Portland Vacation Rentals B&B

Only 30 or 40 year ago, Priest Chen and his relatives of Zou, the aboriginals in Taiwan, gathered materials on this spot to build a stone house as a hostel. They named the hostel ‘The Ethnic Flower’ in Zou, which symbolises elegance.

After many years, Priest Chen’s daughter, Miss Ye Chen, took over the business and the B&B. Since then it has acquired a new atmosphere, that we have ever seen before. Customers have often said that they have gained a new insight into aboriginal culture by experiencing aboriginal activities firsthand. Tribal people also sell their own products and personal artwork here. This place is not only a place for accommodation, but also an important platform for cultural heritage.

Rice in bamboo buckets, millet wine, and slate roasted mountain pork are essential cuisines in Taiwanese aboriginal cuisine. We also asked the owner to provide us a special and exclusive private menu, this is an exclusive meal one that you will not experience elsewhere for it is prepared exclusively for our trip.