Where is the best traditional old street for a travelling suggestion in Taiwan?

Recently, some of my friends suggest me to travel to Fenqihu Old Street.
It is the most altitudinal Old Street, located 1400 metres above sea level in Taiwan.
Also, it is notable for its Old Street, bamboo trees, and lunch boxes.
It sounds fantastic!

Do you guys have any suggestions for the old street that located in Taiwan??

I recommend visiting Tamsui Old Street~
Tamsui Old Street (aka Danshui Old Street or Tamshui Old Street) is a street in Tamsui District of New Taipei famous for it’s delicious food and historical atmosphere. It is one of the most popular and well known old streets in all of Taiwan. Some local delicacies here include A-gei, iron eggs, fried squid, and other seafood.



thank you for your suggest!

Go to Alishan, you will not regret it, you can find some information on the Internet

Thank you for your information!! This is very useful!!

it that Shenkeng’s Old Street is a good re-command?