Special view called "Moses Divide the Sea" in Penghu Island, Taiwan

Penghu is the name of an archipelago situated off the west coast of Taiwan near Chiayi, in the middle of the Taiwan Strait. It is a very popular place to travel during the summer. The rare and fascinating geological landscape of Penghu island is called “blue cave”, which is the only penetrating sea cave in the west Jiyu Island. When you looking up and down through the cave, it just like a blue pearl on the island. Under the refraction of sun through the entrance of cave, the crystal-clear ocean is revealed. The surrounding of cave looks like a crystal jewel! Furthermore, we will order a boat to trip to the basalt, creating the most unique and unforgettable moment in Penghu island.

Moreover, there is a special view called “Moses Divide the Sea”, located in the Kuibi Mountain Geopark on the main island of Penghu. Due to the phenomenon of tide, the ocean on both sides will recede at the low tide, and the basalt gravel walking path will appear. It’s like an ocean create a path for you. In the evening, we will go to the latest launched Pengcheng Hotel, which is opened in 2018. It is not only can enjoy the harbor view, but also connected with the largest duty-free shopping malls, cinemas and other facilities. Enjoy it!