BulauBulau Aboriginal Village, Taiwan

Highly recommended for once in a lifetime experience!

The legend of Atyal tribe lies within BulauBulau aboriginal village.

BulauBulau was a small aboriginal village established by 7 Atayal elders 15 years ago; A village with the name of “to gallivant” in Atyal language. Till now, the younger generation of Atayal people within the village still follow the traditional farming and hunting methods which their ancestors handed down. They hunt wildlife animals and plant many kinds of crops. In recent years, they’ve started to display the integrated beauty of Atyal tribe to all the visitors, to share their substantial culture and customs along with the activities include sculpting, weaving, cooking, knitting, exercising, and dancing in the tradition of the aboriginal tribes.

From dietary and living customs to ceremonies and cultural backgrounds, and from natural landscapes to various life forms, BulauBulau aboriginal village is revealing its glamorous charm gradually. So, for the people of Atayal, BulauBulau aboriginal village signifies not only their ancestry but also their root.

You should definitely experience the BulauBulau way!

A eco-friendly destination that filled with sustainable tourism ideas!