The mountain city of “Spirited Away” - Jiufen, Taiwan.

If you are a big fan of “Spirited Away” by Hayao Miyazaki, then you might know this attractive place – Jiufen, Taiwan. :point_right:

Most people have been to Jiufen, while people might not know there’s lot of different attractive places around Jiufen, such as Badouzi Station, the most beautiful train station in Taiwan. In this spot, you can see the lovely coastline from the window along your train journey. When you get off the train, we shall visit the Bai She Aegean Coffee shop, having a cup of coffee and viewing the boundless blue seascape and the sky.

Furthermore, we shall head off to Shifen Old Street. This is the place where we can set the sky lanterns on the railway by the old street. So, remember to list your wishing list and write it down on the sky lantern.

Moreover, there are lots of lovely spots in Jiufen as well, such as the famous place called “the Elephant Trunk Rock”, known as the 36 Secret Realms; “the Gold Museum”, known as the mining culture; “Hengshan Wukeng Road” and “the Golden Mountain”; and the “Youxin Seafood Restaurant”, which is one of our hidden food list around Jiufen district. The professional guide will bring you to a deep journey in Jiufen, help you explore this beautiful and charming mountain city in Taiwan.

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Is Sky Lantern released daily?

Yes! They also provide the environmental friendly types of sky lantern, which is easy to burn and break down in the sky. It won’t create any rubbish after the sky lantern fall over to the mountain!!