Sea of Stars in Matsu, Taiwan

Sea of Stars, or the blue tears in Matsu is one of the 15 extraordinary sights all over the world. In this summer, Chairman Mr. Tai will travel to the place with you in person :point_right:

Sea of Stars in Matsu is listed by CNN as one of the 15 extraordinary sights of the world. Also, it is listed by NASA as a special international-level landscape. How beautiful and stunning the scene is! Seeing that beautiful ocean turns into a piece of fluorescent blue water, and the blue light on the sea surface shines brightly. It is such like a pair of obtrusive and beautiful eyes. The “Sea of Stars” is a beautiful phenomenon and caused by a kind of fluorescent algae from the ocean, which is a unique spot around the world. You should visit it at least once in your life!

Additionally, we have to visit the Daqiu Island as well. This is a private spot inspected by chairman Mr. Tai. He loves this attraction so much and even wants to change his domicile to Daqiu while he returned to Taipei. Why there is such a huge attraction here?

If you take a look at those 200 amounts of sika deer, the blue sky, and the beautiful ocean, then you might understand the reason!

At 12th of June, Chairman Mr. Tai will lead a group to the spots in Matsu for 4 days 3 nights in person. This is the most stunning spots during this summer, you shouldn’t miss it!

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Thank you for your sharing dear!!
Have you every been there before?

Not yet ~
But it’s on the To Do list in my life.
Highly Expected!


the wonderful place in Taiwan, like paradise~