The most beautiful waterfall in Central Taiwan - Sun Link Sea Chingglong Waterfall 👉

Sometimes like the thousands of militaries and horses, and sometimes like a tender woman. What kind of place has such a diverse face? Let’s take you to the “Chingglong Waterfall” of Sun Link Sea, known as the most beautiful waterfall in Central Taiwan. Chingglong Waterfall, surrounded by mountains and dense forests, through 116 meters of broken cliffs. It’s forming a special scenery like “water came from the sky”. In Autumn and Winter, the water slowly flows down. In the season of rainy, pentium water pours down. Rainbow across the waterfall under the sun shines, just like a beautiful wonderland hidden by the mountains.
10/26 Follow us through the Chitou, Sun Link Sea Forest, to find the most beautiful waterfall in legend and make a beautiful date with the nature.

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